HMI With Intouch Wonderware Project  
                  Scope of Work    
                        • HMI With Intouch Wonderware                                             

                   System Overview
                   • Modicom PLC M340
                   • Ethernet Modbus  to Modicon 340
                   • Intouch  Wonderware With MOSBUS
                   Compoundin Tank Temperature control With PID
                  Scope of Work    
                  • PLC Programing with compactLogix5000 L32E
                        • HMI With RsView  
                        • Drawing with Eplan  and Wiring cable                 

                   System Overview
                   • Compact Logix5000 L32E
                   • Ethernet Compact Logix5000
                   • RsView32
                   PLC5 Training
                  Scope of Work    
                  • RsLogix5 Learning
                        • PLC5 Basic Instruction
                        • Upload/Download